Focus And Scope

The focus of the jurnal Cerdas Proklamator is a national-scale journal covering the study of basic education. This journal publishes research articles, case studies, and literature reviews which are original and not yet published in any journal. The focus of this journal is the theory and application of basic education which includes access, quality, curriculum, and learning and basic education management.

The scope of the jurnal Cerdas Praklamator is:

  1. Basic Education Curriculum Development.
  2. Learning Mathematics, Science, Social Sciences, Citizenship, English Language, Indonesian Language, Islamic Education, Arts and local content in Basic Education.
  3. Media and Instructional Technology in Basic Education.
  4. Innovative and creative learning strategies and in Basic Education.
  5. Teacher Competence in Basic Education.         
  6. Evaluation of learning in Basic Education.
  7. Development of learning in children with special needs.